With the beginning of the New Year, we would like to give you a small overview of what happened in 2018 in GL Africa organization, z.s. Throughout the last year, the nonprofit collected a total of $31.000 for orphaned children in Tanzania and Cameroon.

Up to this day, GL Africa directly supports 28 children; 13 in Cameroon and 15 in Tanzania. However, it is important to note that its activities have helped more than 50 children through the continuous improvement of living conditions in both orphanages.

GL Africa is proud of the fact that all 28 children were able to attend nursery or elementary school programs for the whole year. Also, GL Africa has provided for school uniforms, shoes, health insurance, as well as for high-nutritious food, drinking water, and more items necessary for a child’s well-being.

The non-profit relies on its biggest strengths: transparency and specificity. Through maintaining a close relationship with sponsors, GL Africa’s team strives to inform them about the distribution of funds and their positive impact on children’s lives. “However, we still endeavor improvement in multiple areas,” says Ondrej Jirasek, the founder of GL Africa.

In 2019, GL Africa’s team will commit itself to report more often to sponsors and provide them with more detailed data. Also, the non-profit’s goal is to improve the quality of education both in Cameroon and Tanzania by continuously evaluating the work of the local professors. Combining social media, public relations, and advertising tools, the non-profit strives to apply a more effective marketing strategy in order to communicate their mission to more people.

Looking back once again, Ondrej Jirasek says that “the year of 2018 brought many beautiful moments and achievements but also many challenges and difficult situations. Nonetheless, it was nothing else but the challenge that pushed us further and gave us the opportunity to learn and improve in helping the orphaned children in Africa.”

Looking forward to the year full of new opportunities, GL Africa invites everyone to join a group that will make true difference in the lives of children who lost their families.


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