GL Africa, our non-profit partner, strongly emphasizes the importance of a high-quality education in its humanitarian project. “As one of the organization’s core competencies, high-standard education is the key concept for seeking success in one’s life”, according to a GL Africa founder, Ondrej Jirasek. Therefore, the non-profit continually searches for ways to further improve educational programs both in Tanzania and Cameroon.

With the beginning of the new Academic Year 2018/19, GL Africa plans to launch a Teacher Evaluation Program in Cameroon. Gathering information about the professors’ performance each quarter, the non-profit will be able to assess potential shortcomings in the educational programs more effectively.

In addition to the Teacher Evaluation Program, GL Africa strives to establish a stronger partnership with the professors themselves. As a part of this effort, the non-profit plans to involve the teachers more in GL Africa’s campaign and introduce them to the world. “We want our sponsors to know who educate the children that they support as well as how well the professors perform their jobs,” says Jakub Kovar, a member of GL Africa’s team.

Together, Our Lady of the Resurrection Primary School in Yaoundé, Cameroon, includes 10 members of staff. GL Africa picked two of them to be represented on our platform.

Nzams Ewankume, a 26-year-old professor, teaches Mathematics, English Language, French, and IT Communication the students of Class Five. He enjoys being with the children, and providing knowledge is his passion. Nzams believes that his work will help his students find a way toward happiness in life.


Achang Grace Mbu is a 28-year-old professor of Class One. She teaches English Language, Environmental Education, Sports, and Science. Achang loves the lively nature of the kids and is especially happy when she sees the children understand the curriculum.


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