Children from the orphanage in Yaoundé certainly do not know what it means to be bored. The beginning of Fall brought daily tasks as well as completely new experiences to the children.

On September 30, a special shipment arrived at the orphanage. GL Africa organization sent new bedsheets, blankets and mosquito nets to the children. In addition, a new fridge was installed in the orphanage to provide for more food storage.

Another shipment came on October 20. This time, the orphanage received its food supplies. The package contained all necessary ingredients for cooking as well as high-nutrient packaged snacks. Seeing all the supplies, the children were extremely excited and could not sufficiently describe their gratitude.

As it happens in life, pleasant moments switch with rather unhappy ones. On October 3, part of the orphanage was flooded due to a water leak from a pipeline. This led to an overall cleanup in which everyone took part. It was amazing to see how these children could cooperate and help each other in an emergency situation.

October 15 was really a cool day for the children in Yaoundé. Recognizing the Global Handwashing Day, teachers from the local school organized a small handwashing workshop for the children. First, the teachers explained the importance of clean hands. Subsequently, all children went forth and washed their hands according to instructions given. The children had a great fun and they certainly learned something important.


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