GL Africa, a non-profit organization which we support, introduces its Tanzanian Heroes that fight their uneasy battle with life. In the first part, GL Africa tells us about four children who have been receiving aid from donors for two years already. Let’s have a look at them.

Scholastica, a nine-year-old girl, has just started her third grade in The Little Acorns School in Tanzania. Last year, we recorded a great improvement in her academic performance; she excelled mainly in arts and history classes. Dreaming about her future job, Scholastica wishes to become a teacher of primary-school students. She loves to look after her younger friends in the orphanage, showing her positive attitude towards parenting. Outside of school, Scholastica enjoys reading about modeling and singing.

In her age of 5, Clara has just begun attending her very last year of the nursery program in Tanzania. This young girl did exceptionally well last year, improving mainly her drawing skills. Just as her friend Scholastica, Clara is very social and talkative, making friends all around. She also helps with the daily care of the infant babies in the orphanage.

Innocent is 5 years old and he is doing great! Wrapping up his final year of the nursery program last year, Innocent now attends the first grade at The Little Acorns School. Innocent has developed a considerable talent for drawing which also explains his biggest dream: to become an artist. GL Africa, the non-profit organization, will do everything to help Innocent reach his goals and dreams in the future.

Francis is our five-year-old mathematician! Although he has just started his last nursery year, Francis has no problems adding and substituting numbers up to 20. At his age, that is amazing. Outside of school, Francis enjoys playing football and interact with his peers. When not on the field, he loves to play hide-n-seek inside the orphanage. Francis’ dream is to become a Catholic father.

All four Heroes are doing great and are looking forward to another year of learning, new experiences, and fun. We all are proud of them and wish them a successful year at school!


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