Last time, we introduced you to four little heroes from Moshi, Tanzania, who fight the hardships of their uneasy lives from dawn to dusk every day. GL Africa, our non-profit partner, would now like to show you how are some of the others doing. Dear reader, please meet Glory, Irene, Bernadeth, and Mosses.

Glory is a five-year-old girl from Moshi, Tanzania. Receiving aid for only a few months, she started attending nursery school a bit later than usual. Nonetheless, Glory is catching up with her peers very quickly. One of her most favorite pre-school activities is drawing. Also, Glory behaves well in classes and looks after her younger friends – she loves people around her. Glory dreams of becoming a nurse and treating those that are sick.

In her age of nine, Irene is among our oldest supported children in the Upendo orphanage. Attending the third grade, she outperforms her classmates in mathematics and social science. Her big advantage is her ability to grasp the new material quickly and apply it. Inspired by the caregivers in the orphanage, Irene would like to become a nun and take care of orphaned children like herself in the future. In her free time, she loves to play hide-n-seek and jump the rope with her friends.

In her age of six, Bernadeth began her first year of the Elementary School Program in January. Her last year’s performance in the Nursery School was amazing and she proved eligible to move up the academic ladder. Now, she excels in Fundamentals of Mathematics and English. Bernadeth loves to look after her younger friends in the orphanage. Perhaps this explains her dream to become a nun and take care of the disabled and sick.

Mosses, an eight-year-old boy, currently attends the second grade of the Elementary School in Moshi. After his last year’s excellent academic performance, he now continues with perfect grades mainly in reading and mathematics. Besides that, he also loves singing and drawing. Mosses’ dream is to become a police officer and drive his own car. With his friends, Mosses enjoys playing football and hide-n-seek.

We would like to join GL Africa and wish these little Tanzanian heroes the best of luck and many academic achievements in the rest of the school year.


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