GL Africa performs its second Teacher Evaluation in Cameroon as part of the non-profit’s endeavor to improve the educational programs and assure that the orphans learn effectively. As already pointed out earlier, offering high-quality education is GL Africa’s biggest long-term initiative.

Phase II of the Teacher Evaluation Program offers a number of significant insights into the current situation as well as the challenges that the local professors face. Recognizing both improvements and shortcomings, the non-profit acquires a thorough understanding of what works well and what needs to improve.

Since Phase I Evaluation (done in November 2018), Phase II indicates a significant improvement in the teacher’s initiative to provide for out-of-class tutoring in order to assure the students understand the material properly.

Also, the evaluation has indicated that the motivation of all teachers increases once students interact with them and ask questions. Therefore, student participation will be promoted to a greater extent by the teachers in the future.

It is important to note that the teachers facilitated a new stream of communication, creating chat groups (Whatsapp) in order to stay in touch with the kids’ caretakers and provide for additional consulting. GL Africa appreciates this improvement since it makes the whole process more efficient.

One of the shortcomings that GL Africa intensely works on is the lack of teaching tools for the teachers, such as maps, geometric tools, additional paper, etc. The non-profit is currently doing its best to provide for such items.

Finally, asked about GL Africa’s activities and its overall contribution to the educational programs, the teachers expressed that the non-profit truly helps the orphans to improve at school and that the positive results are already visible. Nonetheless, the teachers affirm that there is still space for improvement.


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